Main Gallery "Fine Arts Faculty Shows" — belly band for 3 catalogs

A great series to work on: Three catalogs over the course of 3 years, each one featuring the work of a different segment of the (so-called) Fine Arts Faculty.




It was my chance to expand upon the no-grid grid I first experimented with in [link to MassArt MFA catalog]. The layout of each spread of all three books takes its cue from the content. The only constant is the width of the artist's bio block. The asymmetrical arrangement of the cover type was continued throughout. This is dangerously close to my pet peeve of trying to arrange things to look accidental. Really, it's probably more allied to flower arranging or coffee table styling.

As usual with a group show, prominence of cover placement cannot be given to a single artist. Rather than use a grid/collage of works, decided to use close-up views of works done in that medium.

The bellyband was designed to make the three catalogs presentable without a separate envelope or box. See other three catalogs for Printmaking, Painting and Drawing, and 3D.

The italic caps from the Klavika type family (Process foundry) makes the whole series titles work. Chose it before I realized it was used by The Boston Globe Magazine, The Boston Phoenix, and even, sigh, the Facebook graphic identity. Thanks to Liza Folman for her help with all of the coordination. Department chair Michael David gave the project his blessing and funding.

JK. December 2010