The site:
Never wanted or needed a portfolio site. Part of my reluctance had been my general inability to edit/winnow/prioritize, but eventually I saw that an online archive, if extensive, could engage with my interests in multiplicity, open-endedness, random sequencing, etc. The current iteration holds a small fraction of what I hope to archive some day. Once the Work-for-hire section is complete, I intend to add scans of slides, photo prints and contact sheets, journals, various kinds of documents, clippings, etc. Already, even in this sparsely populated state, it's been a useful catalog for me.

There is no autoplay function to the "slide show" player. Arrows at left and right of picture move within a project (or use right and left keyboard arrows). Thumbnails at top serve to move between projects (or use shift key with right and left keyboard arrows). Click "INFO" to read about a project, "PICTURE" to get the larger view. Use arrow at top right to hide/reveal thumbnails.

The process:
Photographs of the work are collected first in photo archiving software, which facilitates organizing, file naming and the addition of keyword tags. Pictures are exported with metadata, and then imported into a database with a script. The database is queried when the user enters the site and begins to filter the totality of projects into a manageable few.

Site credits:
Programming and co-design: Michael Hoy
Photography: Paul Gates and Michael Hoy
Design/tagging: self